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question I know nothing about Korea. Can I still apply for the summer school program?
answer As long as you have a strong interest and desire in learning the Korean language and culture, you are very welcome to apply. All university students are eligible to apply for our summer school program even if they know nothing about Korean.
question How do I know which level Korean language course I should apply for?
answer Inha Summer School offers three Korean language classes: basic, intermediate and advanced. While the intermediate and advanced classes are for students who have some prior knowledge of basic Korean, the basic one is for those who have never learned Korean before. You can choose your Korean language class when you apply online.
question Is there any financial support or scholarship available for the summer school?
answer Yes, please refer to the 'Scholarship' Section on this website. Please note that since the summer school is already heavily subsidized by the university, there is no further financial support or discount. Still the program is very affordable and great value for money as the fee includes almost everything such as tuition, accommodation, field trips and even part of the meals (breakfast and dinner only).
question Currently, I am not a university student. Can I still apply?
answer Inha Summer School is open to students who are currently enrolled at a university only.
question I am a student from one of the partner universities. How can I apply?
answer If you are from one of our partner universities, you can apply through the international office at your home university. Please ask the international office to contact us on your behalf.
question My home university is not a partner university of Inha. Can I still apply?
answer Yes, you can apply. Please apply online and send us a certificate of enrollment and official transcript by post or e-mail.
question Do I need a student visa to participate in the summer school? If so, how can I apply?
answer You do not need a student visa (D-2) to join the program. In order to come to our summer school, you will need a short term stay visa (C-3). Students from certain countries such as China will need invitation letters to apply for the short term visa before coming to Korea, but students from EU, Canada, the USA etc. are not required to apply for visa. Therefore, please ask the nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate in your home country for more detailed information about the entry into Korea. Usually, invitation letters are sent out in early June.
question What if I arrive late?
answer All students are expected to be present on the first day of the class, given the intensity and short length of the program. You are strongly encouraged to arrive on time. If you are unable to arrive on schedule, please inform us of your late arrival in advance.
question I wanted to make payment, but the bank charges are too expensive. Can I pay after my arrival in Korea?
answer No, you can't. Our policy states that all students are required to make payment before the specified deadline. Therefore, if you do not make payment before the deadline, your participation will be automatically cancelled. Please note that the university is not responsible for any bank charges or transaction fees. If the university receives less than the full payment because of these fees, you will have to pay additional fees after your arrival in Korea.
question Does Inha University offer Airport pick up service?
answer Inha University does offer a shuttle bus service for international students, but individual pickup service is not available. Detailed information and bus schedule will be posted on the summer school website. If you arrive in Korea after business hours, taking a taxi may be the best option.
question I don't want to stay with three other students in the dormitory. I am willing to pay more, so can I choose a single or twin room?
answer Yes, if you pay extra USD 100, you can stay in a double room. However, double rooms may not be available if too many students apply. When there are too many applicants, double rooms may be allocated on a first-come-first served basis.
question The dormitory rules are really strict! Do all the students have to follow the rules (ex. curfew hours etc)?
answer Living in the dormitory is restricted to the following schedule.

Schedule Time
Gate Opening 05:00
Breakfast 07:30 ~ 09:00
Lunch 11:30 ~ 13:30
Dinner 17:30 ~ 19:30
Roll Calling 24:00
Gate closing 24:00

After 24:00, the dormitory is closed, which means that students are NOT allowed to enter or exit the dormitory until 5:00AM when the dormitory gate is opened.
The dormitory rooms are strictly segregated by gender. Male and female students use their own sections in the dormitory, and therefore students are prohibited from entering the other gender's section.
question I want to change my Korean language class, because my teacher teaches Korean in Chinese. I am Chinese, but I want to learn Korean language in English or another language.
answer Some Korean language classes may be taught in Korean + Chinese. This is because many participants of the program are from China. Students who want to improve their English skills will have plenty of opportunities to do so in their elective language classes.