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Title [Field Trips] Field Trip on July 14 (Fri)
Date 2017.07.20 15:45 Read 334
Dear All,
Enclosed please find the group list for tomorrow’s field trip.
You should take your own group bus only. I am sorry, you cannot change your group....It takes only 1 hour to get to the island, so when you arrive in the island, you can be with your own buddies.
Here’s the schedule for tomorrow:
8:30AM : depart from the lobby of the dorm
8:30AM ~ 10:30AM : Move to Gangwha Island
10:30AM~11:30AM : Visiting Peace Observatory
11:30AM~12:00PM : Move to a restaurant
12:00PM~13:00PM : Lunch
13:00PM~16:30PM: Visiting historical sites and having some cultural activities
16:30PM~17:30PM: Move to Inha University
Please do NOT be late. Bueses will depart on time. Please wear Inha T-shirts.
I look forward to meeting you guys tomorrow!

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