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Title [Academic] Your course registration and other important information
Date 2017.07.17 19:25 Read 375
Dear All,
I hope you enjoyed your lunch today! I am writing to inform you again of a few things about your courses and dorm rules.
1) Please do NOT wear shoes in your room.
In Korea, people take off their shoes when they enter their rooms. Please do not wear shoes in your room. You need to keep your room tidy and clean.
2) Course change
As I said during the orientation session, you can change your courses online until midnight on July 18 (Tue). Please try to log in at our summer school website and check your course registration. (You can also check your course registration in the attached excel file)
After July 18, you are NOT allowed to change your courses.
3) Course grade change for ‘Modern technologies for the future’
Please note that for ‘Modern technologies for the future’ class, grading consists of 40% attendance and 60% assignments.
4) Your student ID
Please check your student ID number again in the attached excel file. You need your student ID to access your I-CLASS and the internet on campus.