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Title [miscellaneous] Important Notice
Date 2016.08.10 15:54 Read 1022
Dear All,
Sadly, we are already in the last week of the program...How time flies!
I would like to inform you of a few important things for the last week schedule:
1. Aug 12 (Fri) Schedule

Time Schedule Place
09:00AM~11:00AM Korean Culture Competition Hana Hall
(2F, Univ. Main Bldg)
11:00PM~12:00PM Graduation Ceremony
1:00PM~ Farewell Lunch Student Dining Hall
(2F, Student Center)

On the last day of the program, we will have Korean Culture Competition at Hana Hall. Please come to the hall by 9:00AM.

2. Program Certificates& Program Evaluation Sheet

Your dormitory assistant will give your program certificates tonight. (They will visit your room).
And they also give you program evaluation sheet & questionnaire. Please fill in the forms and submit them to your assistant tonight as well.

3. Dormitory Move Out
Please note that all students should move out by 11:00 AM on Aug. 13(Sat). Unfortunately, late move out is not possible, as we will have a new semester coming next week.
When you move out, please return your room keys to the night duty room at the entrance of the dorm building.  You should NOT take any dormitory stuffs including blankets and pillows. (Please put your blankets and pillows at your desk to gather these easily.)
Before moving out, you should also clean up your room!

4. Shuttle bus

Departure Time
(Dormitory Airport)
Number of Buses
6:00 AM 2
8:00 AM 2
10:00 AM 3

As I said earlier, you can take shuttle bus on the time you choose.
Note that buses will depart at the Main Gate, NOT the dormitory. For the shuttle bus location, check the attached file.
☞ Baggage Regulations: Since there is no plenty of rooms available in shuttle buses, all students are only allowed to carry 1 back-pack and 1 suitcase only- this is strictly enforced. If you have more luggages, you will need to arrange your own transportation. Shuttle buses reserve right to refuse service to anyone.
5. Transcript
You will be able to print out your academic transcripts online at the summer school website in early September. I will inform you of the details after your grade is confirmed. 
It is up to your home university to decide upon the credit transfer and therefore, for all your inquiries about the credit transfer, please contact the Int’l Office of your home university.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me. Thanks!

Sujin Kim
International Center